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Description[Type]: Dry Vitamin E Acetate 25% GFP CWD
Dry Vitamin E Acetate 50% CWS
Dry Vitamin E Acetate 500 DC Natural
Vitamin E Acetate Powder 93% for feed grade/ Vitamin E ...
Bluish-green powder or fine granular [Useg]:
Nutrient; Dietary Supplement
As customer′s requirements
FOB Price: US $5 / Piece
[Chemical name]: Phosphoric Acid
[Place of Origin]: China
[CAS No. ]: 7664-38-2
[Purity]: 85%, 75%
[Annuual output]: 20000 tons/year
[Properties and uses]: ...
Products Name: Calcium propionate
Product category: Preservative
[Chemical Name] Calcium Propionate
[Molecular Formula] C6H10O4Ca
[Molecuar weight] 186.22 ...
Products Name: Sodium diacetate
CAS NO: 126-96-5
Product category: Preservative
[Generic name]: Double acetic acid sodium (SDA)
[CAS NO]: 126-96-5
[Formula]: ...
Products Name: Gluconic Acid
CAS No: 526-95-4
[Molecular formula]: C6H12O7
Product category: Acidulants
Description[Molecular formula]: C6H12O7
[Molecular weight]: 196.16 ...
Products Name: Styralyl acetate
CAS No: 93-92-5
Product category: Fragrance
Molecular Formula: C10H12O2
Molecular Weight: 164.22
EINECS: 202-288-5
[Synonyms]: ...
Products Name: L-Aspartic Acid HCl
CAS No: 16856-13-6
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C5H9NO4. HCl
Molecular Weight: 183.59
EINECS: 240-880-5
Description ...
Products Name: 2-Isobutylthiazole
CAS NO: 18640-74-9
Product category: Fragrance
Molecular Formula: C7H11NS
Molecular Weight: 141.23
EINECS: 242-470-1
Description ...
Products Name: Glyceryl monostearate
CAS NO: 123-94-4
Product category: Emulsifier
Ivory powder or flake solid, it can be dispersed into the hot ...
Products Name: L/D/DL-Cysteine
CAS No: 3374-22-9
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C3H7NO2S
Molecular Weight: 121.16
EINECS: 222-160-2
Description ...
Products Name: Glycyl-L-Valine
CAS No: 1963-21-9
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C7H14 N2 O3
Molecular Weight: 174.20
EINECS: 217-806-5
Description ...
Products Name: DL-malic acid
Product category: Acidulants
[Description]: White or nearly white, crystalline powder or granules having a strong acid taste
[Chemical ...
Products Name: Fructose
Product category: Sweeteners
[Molecular formula]: C6H12O6
[Molecular weight]: 180.16
[Capacity]: 5000MT/YEAR
[Package]: 25KG KRAFT/BAG ...
Products Name: Sorbic acid
CAS No: 110-44-1
Product category: Preservative
[Chemical Name]: Sorbic acid, 2, 4-di-ethene acid
[Molecular Formula]: C6H8O2 ...
Products Name: Citral
CAS NO: 5392-40-5
Product category: Fragrance
[Synonyms]: (2E)-3, 7-Dimethyl-2, 6-octadienal; 2, 6-Octadienal, 3, 7-dimethyl-; 2, ...
Products Name: L/D/DL-Cysteine HCl
CAS No: 351-50-8
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C6H9 N3 O2
Molecular Weight: 209.63
EINECS: 206-513-8
Description ...
Products Name: L-Ornithine Acetate
CAS No: 60259-81-6
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C5H12N2O2. C2H4O2
Molecular Weight: 192.2129
EINECS: 262-130-6 ...
Products name: L-hydroxyproline
CAS No: 51-35-4
Product category: Amino acids
Molecular formula: C5h9no3
Molecular weight: 131.13
Einecs: 200-091-9
[apperance]: White powder ...
Products Name: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid )
CAS No: 50-81-7
Product category: Acidulants
[Production Function]: Vitamin C takes part in many metabolism procedures in ...
Products Name: Hydrogen Peroxide
CAS NO: 7722-84-1
Product category: Preservative
[Formula]: H2O2
[Appearance]: Clear colorless liquid.
[Use]: Hydrogen Peroxide ...
Products Name: L-Citrulline L/DL-Malate
CAS No: 54940-97-5
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C10H19N3O8
Molecular Weight: 309.27316
[Apperance]: ...
Products Name: 2-Methyl-3-furanthiol
CAS No: 57124-87-5
Product category: Fragrance
Molecular Formula: C5H10OS
Molecular Weight: 118.2
EINECS: 260-572-4
Description ...
FOB Price: US $425 / Piece
Products Name: Potassium Nitrite
CAS NO: 7758-09-0
Product category: Preservative
[CAS NO. ]: 7758-09-0
[Molecular formula]: KNO2
[Molecular weight]: 85.10 ...
Products Name: Sodium acetate
Product category: Preservative
[Introduction]: This product is the most acid in alkali conditions. It is a broad spectrum of ...
White granular powder
Use: Calcium Acetate (E264) in Food industry is used as a growth inhibitor for certain bacteria. It is used in bread and ...
FOB Price: US $5 / Piece
Products Name: Ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate
CAS NO: 120-47-8
Product category: Preservative
[Chemical Name]: Ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate
[Trade Name]: Nipagin A
[Molecular ...
Products Name: L-Citrulline
CAS No: 372-75-8
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C6H13N3O3
Molecular Weight: 175.19
EINECS: 206-759-6
[Apperance]: ...

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