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Products Name: Sodium Citrate
CAS No: 6132-4-3
Product category: Minerals / Trace Elements
[Appearance]: Colourless or white crystalline granule or powder [Useg]: ...
Products Name: Sodium Ascorbate
CAS NO: 89-65-6
Product category: Antioxidants
[Molecular formula]: C6H7NaO6
[Molecular Weight]: 198.11
[CAS NO]: 89-65-6 ...
White crystalline powder
Used for high polymer material to improve the craftwork of processing and enhance the mechanics and hot stability of ...
FOB Price: US $5 / Piece
Products Name: Glutamic acid
CAS NO: 104091-08-9
Product category: Acidulants
Fmoc-D-Glu(OtBu)-OH; N-(9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl)-D-glutamic acid ...
Products Name: Sodium Tartrate
CAS No: 6381-59-5
Product category: Acidulants
Products Name: D-Fructose 1, 6-Disphosphate Calcium Salt / FDPCa
Product category: Acidulants
Products Name: Soy Protein Isolate
Product category: Emulsifier
[Description]: The soy protein isolate produced by our company with quality Non-GMO soybeans from the northeast of ...
Whey Protein serves as a dietary source of amino acids. The body needs amino acids to build the various proteins used in the growth, repair and maintenance of body tissues such as ...
Products Name: Citric Acid Monohydrate
CAS No: 5949-29-1
Product category: Acidulants
Description[CAS No.: ] 5949-29-1
[Molecular Formula]: C6 H8O7@H2O
[Molecular Weight]: ...
Glacial Acetic Acid &Glacial Acetic Acid suppliers
[CAS No. ]: 64-19-7
[Formula]: C2H4O2
[M. W. ]: 60.05
[Characters] Colorless and transparent liquid with irritating odor. ...
Products Name: Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate
CAS No: [CAS No. ]: 24967-93-9
Product category: Anti-caking agent
Description[CAS No. ]: 24967-93-9
[Molecular Formula]: ( ...
Products Name: Lycopene
Product category: Color fixative
[Description]: Lycopene is extracted and refined from high quality tomatoes. It is an isomer of ...
Products Name: Dimethyl sulfide
CAS NO: 75-18-3
Product category: Fragrance
[Synonyms]: (CH3)2S; (Methylsulfanyl)methane; 2-Thiopropane; Dimethyl monosulfide; Dimethyl sulphide; ...
Products Name: Vanillin
CAS No: 121-33-5
Product category: Flavour Enhancer
[Synonyms]: 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde
[Apperance]: White or lightly yellow solid ...
Products Name: L-Isoleucine HCl
Product category: Amino Acids
[Usage]: Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals
[Package]: As customer′s requirements.
Products Name: 2-Acetyl-3-methylpyrazine
CAS No: 23787-80-6
Product category: Fragrance
[Apperance]: Colorless to yellow clear liquid
[Usage]: Used in soups and ...
Products Name: L-Theanine
CAS No: 3081-61-6
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C7H14 N2 O3
Molecular Weight: 174.2
EINECS: 221-379-0
[Apperance]: ...
Products Name: Sodium Glutamate
CAS No: 142-47-2
Product category: Flavour Enhancer
Product ID: 1291416716
Products Name: 2, 3-Dimethylpyrazine
CAS No: 5910-89-4
[Synonyms]: , 3-dimethyl-pyrazin; 2, 3-DIMETHYL-1, 4-DIAZINE; 2, 3-DIMETHYLPYRAZINE; ...
Products Name: Glycyl-Glycyl-L-Valine
CAS No: 20274-89-9
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C9H17 N3 O4
Molecular Weight: 231.26
EINECS: 241-365-8
Description ...
Products Name: Glycyl-L-Tyrosine
CAS No: 658-79-7
Product category: Amino Acids
Molecular Formula: C11H14N2O4
Molecular Weight: 238.24
EINECS: 211-525-1
Description ...
Products Name: 2-Isopropylpyrazine
CAS NO: 29460-90-0
Product category: Fragrance
Molecular Formula: C7H10N2
Molecular Weight: 122.1677
EINECS: 249-646-7
Description ...
Products Name: Dipentene
CAS NO: 138-86-3
Product category: Fragrance
[Synonyms]: (S)-(-)-4-ISOPROPENYL-1-METHYL-1-CYCLOHEXENE; (± )-1, 8-p-menthadiene, ...
Products Name: Lactase
CAS NO: 9031-11-2
Product category: Enzymes
Synonyms: Beta-Galactosidase
CAS Registry Number: 9031-11-2 EINECS: 232-864-1
Lactase (LCT), a ...
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